My take on UR Prowess. Like all prowess decks, the goal is to get a prowess creature on board ASAP and then swing hard to kill the opponent on turn 4. However, this deck runs three Beamsplitter Mage s that can come down on turn 2 or 3 to guarantee a filthy big swing on turn 4.

Monastery Swiftspear and Sprite Dragon are the bread and butter of the deck. Get one of them out and they'll reward you for playing any other spells past that. Give double strike with Temur Battle Rage to swing in for huge damage fast.

Nivmagus Elemental is a budget 4 drop that has some neat synergies with Beamsplitter Mage by eating excess copies of Temur Battle Rage , Mutagenic Growth or heck, a Lava Dart .

Nasty blockers can be bolted away or simply ignored thanks to Slip Through Space and Apostle's Blessing . Vapor Snag can temporarily disable blockers or get rid of a big threat on the opposing board.

Mutagenic Growth is great at doing damage but even better at protecting our creatures from unexpected blockers or enemy bolts, while Blessing protects from targeted removal.


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With Strixhaven's new Expressive Iteration making waves in all the big decks, and my deck admittedly performing poorly lately, I went back to the drawing board.

To increase the consistency of the deck (and minimize dead draws) Titan's Strength was replaced for Opt . Losing the +3 buff is a shame, but opt can look for a mutagenic growth and achieve the same buff, while on an empty board opt still does something.

Raking Claws had to make way for the island from the sideboard to accomodate the 4 new blue cards. If I end up flooding often I might switch them around again.

I took out one Slip Through Space for a Expressive Iteration . I don't want the curve of the deck to be too heavy on 2cmc spells but I'll at least give the iteration a try.

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