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Battalion of Centaurs (Part I: The first clash)

Modern Budget Combo Enchantment RG (Gruul) Tribal



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KING: So... you say that the forest is haunted by an evil spirit?

MESSENGER: Yes my king...

KING: And what was its name?...

MESSENGER: Genju, my king... that is what the villagers call it.

KING: This.. Genju... has devoured MY WHOLE WEST LEGION??? IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE SAYING???

MESSENGER: Forgive me... my k-king... it's... it's what the villagers are saying... They s-say... the spirit protects the woods from outsiders... hundreds of years ago, hunters dissapeared everyday, sometimes... the air was filled with the sound of their screams, they say, just like the west legion, my king... that is why villagers stopped eating dear and started eating fish hundreds years ago, they don't hunt anymore... because of the Genju, my king...

KING: ... nonsense... What do you have to say?

GENERAL: My king, obviously all this haunted woods and dissapearing hunters is just a story. But, one fact is true: Your west legion, the strongest soldiers of the whole kingdom, are lost, and the last place they were seen, was entering the forest. The west legion has expanded the kingdom dominance facing the coldest winters in the highest mountains. Every army have fell under the power of your soldiers. Ogres, barbarians, even dragons were not match for the elite west legion. So... there is only one explanation...

KING: what is it?

GENERAL: A stronger army.

KING: That's ridiculous!

Centaurs are my second favorite mythical creature, right after dragons. I am glad that centaurs in Magic are pretty solid cards. They usually are mana efficient, they have nice bodies as blockers and attackers, but in general they don't have the best abilities and also I couldn't find many support cards specifically for centaurs. Nevertheless, when your opponent faces a centaur, he or she has a hard decision to make, imagine when facing a battalion!

This tribal deck of centaurs targets to swarm the battlefield with centaur tokens and boost them with Pheres-Band Warchief. I would include Rancor which is better than Gryff's Boon because I can recover it right after Rampage of the Clans, but due budget limitation, I went with Gryff's Boon, either way a flying centaur is also scary, isn't it?

Interesting history of building:

V 1.1 More focused on tokens and ramping.

V 1.2 Trostani out.

V 2.0 Adaptation of Jeff's deck, which combines equip artifact with Rampage of the Clans, but I am using only enchantments and centaur creatures. Check Jeff's deck in below link:


V 2.1 I am trying to include cards that I already have, such as call of conclave and centaur healer :D

V. 2.2 Trostani come's back. I think it would be awesome to gain 18 life points at once XD

V 2.3 Trostani didn't work out as well as I thought. I need more creatures.

V 2.4 Trying to adjust the mana curve.

V 2.5 Forget about mana curve. I think this is it... until I'll change my mind

V 3.0 This is it. I like the odds and the fun this deck has. I never thought Loaming Shaman would make it to this list, but it turned out to add extra playability. I am ready to make my order.

V 3.1 Going for 10 bucks. I am not happy with Stoneforge Masterwork even when it is great for this deck, but I feel out of the flavour a little bit.

V. 4.0 Moving from Selesnya to Gruul. These are really angry centaurs! It looks pretty aggresive deck 80% of the times, but sometimes it doesn't flow as smooth as I expect. I will continue developing my Selesnya Batallion of centaurs on a separate deck.


Updates Add

Wildwood Patrol enters to put more pressure on our opponent, and it has trample, so it will go perfect with Stonebrow, Krosan Hero


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