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Flash Hulk

This is my rebuild of flash hulk taking it from 5 color to sultai. There are only 2 hulk piles and the first one is a back up of basic infinite blue mana Incubation Druid + Vigean Graftmage.

The other which is the main hulk pile involves 5 creatures total: Hapless Researcher, Carrion Feeder, Body Snatcher, Laboratory Maniac, and finally Hermit Druid. They way it works is flash hulk on opponents end step to fetch Hapless Researcher, Carrion Feeder and Body Snatcher -> sacrifice body snatcher with ETB on the stack to return Protean Hulk -> sacrifice the hulk again to fetch Laboratory Maniac and Hermit Druid. Pass turn to self activate the druid to mill library sacrifice Hapless Researcher to draw a card winning with lab man.

Im trying to figure out a way to incorporate Mogis's Marauder for the haste enabler but I am unsure of how to do that at the current moment in time. Any help that you might have is greatly appreciated! thanks guys! Happy Tapping.


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