First Commander Deck for modern player. Just looking for something fun/interactive to get my feet wet.

I've looked at allot of different commanders but I think Roon of the Hidden Realm, will be a good fit. I tend to gravitate towards engine decks, interactive decks, and decks with high complexity levels so I won't get board. It also doesn't seem to be broken where I'll be playing archenimy (I proxied a Jhoria deck once and learned that lesson the hard way)

I've done some research and currently I'm at the above deck list. I think it has a decent mix and is fairly powerful for being so budget. I'd like to keep it around $50, and fairly fun to play against (hence the no stifle effects).

I'd like some help making the final cuts. I like Threats Undetected as a tutor, so I'm working on making packages of three for it. I've also created custom classes so that you can easily see my ratios.

Any help would be appreciated, cards that I missed, underpowered cards included, really anything! I’m assessing power through a 60 card lense, so I know ima little skewed

Thanks for your help! I hope to enjoy the format


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