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Bant Bounce House

Bounce based control deck. Ramp up to as much mana as you can early on, you will need it. Roon is a mana hungry deck. Be sure to play as much lands as possible by bouncing Risen Reef , Coiling Oracle , Farhaven Elf , and Solemn Simulacrum . Traverse the Outlands should be cast for at least four lands, preferably more than five.

Once you have enough mana to work with, start casting and bouncing board disruption ETB Creatures like Manglehorn , Lavinia of the Tenth , Phyrexian Ingester , Duplicant or Meteor Golem . Try to keep Roon of the Hidden Realm protected with Hexproof equipment if possible. Manage your resources, draw spells, and bounce effects to make sure you always have a full hand of cards and that mana is available to bounce creatures in response to removal.

Once you have enough pieces out like Panharmonicon , Conjurer's Closet , Seedborn Muse , or Brago, King Eternal , you can begin to soft lock players into not being able to advance their boardstate. Re-use ETB effects as many times as you can. Venser, Shaper Savant becomes a re-usable bounce and counterspell. Gilded Drake will return to the battlefield under your control when bounced and will retrigger. Vedalken Plotter can be used to steal powerful lands or simply disrupt an opponents mana base by locking them out of a color.

Bouncing any of these creatures enough times will usually result in a hard lock / win: Brutalizer Exarch , Woodfall Primus , Acidic Slime , Woodfall Primus , Riftwing Cloudskate , or Agent of Treachery . Deadeye Navigator should usually be saved until you have enough mana to pay for multiple triggers on the same turn you cast it.

If you can't establish a lock with the bounce effects, chip away at your opponents health with any creatures you can. Roon of the Hidden Realm can make an excellent attacker and has both Vigilance and Trample. Learn the nuances of Roon's tap ability for bouncing creatures out of combat or bouncing them in response to a removal effects.


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