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Bane : The Red Knight Returns

Commander / EDH Artifact Casual Mono-Red Voltron



"I have no master. I am chaos." —Maraxus of Keld

Maraxus... the quintessence of chaos some says, but for me, it's more a legendary that I've always wanted to build arround but never did because it might not be as good as expected for edh. I was wrong that whole time. That beasty human warlord just want to smash faces, and especially the opponents who at the begining of the game look at him saying : Seriously ?, What kind of commander is that ..?

Game plan is simple but hard at the same time... Chaotic right ? Holding plays is a must, play instants or after combat steps and smash your way into victory. Honnorable mentions to plays that out of nowhere clear the board and deal massive damage to each players. Definitly should have made him a real deck earlier it's a blast to play.

Sideboard is a number of cards that i've tried and liked them and card I want to squeeze in but can't find something else to cut or get back to... worst part of deckbuilding -_-


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