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BANE - "Hate is the perennial motivator..."

Legacy* Aikido RW (Boros) Theme/Gimmick Tribal Vorthos



This deck is my take on DC's Bane.

Bane a master of self-discipline, martial arts, warfare, tactical domination, escapology, and is all-round a brute of a man. He is charismatic, intimidating, patient and careful, but favours brute strength and humiliation over straight and honourable swordsmanship. He takes no prisoners, unless it serves a greater purpose of defeating his nemesis. The ultimate motivation for duking out with opponents is a deep, consuming hate for those who would impose on his free will; those standing in the way of that would suffer the most cruel and terrible end.

It's either


Or minotaurs AND warriors

The choice is very difficult...

He may as well be described as all THREE...


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