Band together a rampage creature with a creature that has to have every creature able block it to wipe an opponents creatures, gain a lot of life, and do a lot of damage with the ability to give double strike, lifelink, and trample in the command zone.

Quick video on banding for people who may need help with the keyword.

Teeka’s Dragon is one of the strongest rampage abilities on a creature, however since it has flying it reduces its power. Banding it with another rampage creature or a creature that must be blocked by all creatures allows Teeka’s dragon to be blocked by ground creatures to make its rampage ability much more effective.

From my play tests with this deck, it is powerful even without getting the concept of getting a rampage trigger to be blocked by multiple creatures. This is mostly due to the commander’s being pretty powerful together. A couple combat steps with just a few creatures on the board (one at least being kamahl) can easily knock one to two people out. This is because Kamahl’s ability does stack with multiple combat steps. So you can still play a good game with your friends and not really need the gimmick of the deck to happen, but feels really good when it does!


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