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Baking Stand: When the Bakery Burns

Modern Burn Midrange RW (Boros)


Can burn replace exiles? Can we keep Koth in? Who knows.

What's this?

This is the second version of the Boros deck I started as a "what if" attempt, using only whatever cards I already had access to. I managed to modify Baking Bread, Burning Ahead when more red cards were found hidden, and a few new cards were traded in. If it actually became better, I have no idea.

First of all, Koth of the Hammer was placed as a way to consolidate damage into the deck, something I'm usually hesitant to use. Volley of Boulders was replaced with Fight with Fire since there has been a cost issue. Mostly, white's access denial was replaced with red's mass explosions. Scour from Existence is sort of and answer to that, with the power to remove almost anything even, but I feel it's a bit pale, with a CMC of 7 and being a single copy.

Galepowder Mage bounces the few ETB effects in the deck (eg: Viashino Pyromancer and Supply-Line Cranes ), while Akroan Mastiff and Dromoka Dunecaster serve as a light, semi-permanent battlefield control along Star-Crowned Stag . All the burn is there to either clean or finish.

I'm still really insecure about how I'm maintaing the deck's functions and identity. After finding out the first version HAD some weird synergy with Galepowder Mage , I saw how little I understood my own deck-building logic.

Known Issues that need advicing

  • The deck is too big. 77 cards is a lot.
  • The first version had little exile/resistance. This one has almost none
  • Some cards seem all over the place. Dunno what to do here...

As always, this is more of a learning exercise, as I can't fetch cards like the usual MtG player, so don't hold back on what you'd have to say.

... But yeah, bottomline. I feel the "bakery" theme was a bit lost here, and this makes me slightly dissapointed.


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