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Bad to the Bone - Torgaar, Life drainer

Commander / EDH Combo Competitive Lifegain Mono-Black Multiplayer



Welcome to the world of darkness, destruction and despair where Torgaar is the lord!

Based upon lots of test plays I can confirm the brutal power of this deck and the unique game experience it can provide. The best thing in it is that Torgaar, Famine Incarnate is not a popular commander, so I think it is really unknown for many players. Therefore it can be really surprising to use its combos to win the game again and again by different way. And it is not an exaggeration, based upon numerous test plays I can confirm that Torgaar has planty ways to win, even without attacking. So do not underestimate this Avatar, since it can be really challenging to defeat for anyone.

Let me start with the end!

Win conditions: (Some of them are really obvious ones, but since there is a chance to win with them I have to mention.)
1. Torgaar, Famine Incarnate + Archfiend of Despair : Torgaar brings the life of the opponent to the half and the second card will do the rest.
2. Torgaar, Famine Incarnate + Wound Reflection : Torgaar brings the life of the opponent to the half and the second card will do the rest.
3. Any life drainers + Archfiend of Despair / Wound Reflection : There are tons of life suckers in the deck like Gray Merchant of Asphodel , Tree of Perdition or Exsanguinate .
4. Marionette Master + Nightmare Lash + Torgaar, Famine Incarnate : By having lots of Swamp Marionette Master’s power can be pumped up easily to 10, and bringing in Torgaar means instant death for that player who has less life than 30.
5. Nightmare Lash + Repay in Kind + Exsanguinate / Gray Merchant of Asphodel (or any life sucker): Moving Nightmare Lash between two creatures can reduce your life under 5. Playing Repay in Kind will do so with all of your opponents life, and finishing the combo with Exsanguinate/Gray Merchant can guarantee instant win.
6. Psychosis Crawler + Necrologia : If you have more life than each of your opponents with these cards on the battlefield you can immediately eliminate them from the game.
7. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth + Cabal Coffers (supporting by Liliana of the Dark Realms ) + Exsanguinate / Damnable Pact : I know it is really straight forward, but this is also a common win con. Being a Mana millionaire and draining the life of the opponents to zero.
8. Sorin Markov + Any life sucker: There are planty of ways in this deck to steal 10 life from the opponent, if Sorin reduced it to 10.
9. Bolas's Citadel + Torgaar, Famine Incarnate + Gray Merchant of Asphodel : Using your life to play the top card of your deck again and again, then summoning Torgaar to pump up your life to 20 is really funny. Then playing new creatures from the top of your deck, sacrificing Torgaar to bring him again back is more fun. For this time you will have lots of black mana symbols on the battlefield, so playing the Gray Merchant can kill every opponent, but if it is not enough use Bolas’s citadel second ability to sacrifice permanents and cause 10 life loss to your enemies.
10. Sanguine Bond + Torgaar, Famine Incarnate / Gray Merchant of Asphodel / Exsanguinate : These life sucker cards can give you 18+ life in a single turn, which can cause 18+ life loss to an opponent if Sanguine Bond is on the battlefield.
11. Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted + Damnable Pact : Double damage for each card drawn. Add Archfiend of Despair to the combo, to make it deadlier.

Let me finish with the start, and the introduction of the engine of this deck! It is really well working and dynamic, use the pack of token generators to make victims for Torgaar, and bring him into play as many time as you can, by reducing your opponent's life or increasing your own life. The second option is really essential since there are many cards in the deck that cause you life loss, but healing this back with Torgaar can mitigate the damage. There are 12 extra mana provider (not counting lands) in the deck, 15 cards to destroy creatures (including 4 mass destructions), 12 cards for drawing and 6 cards for searching other cards. Based upon my experience this structure is working well, I always had the proper cards in hand and could solve any challenge within 1-2 turns.

Try this deck, enjoy it and if you have any comments (or ideas to add new cards) feel free to share it with me! Thank you!


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