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A non-traditional mill deck, less focused on attrition and more based on, we'll... milling your opponent out.

What is mill? Mill is the process of dismantling your opponents library bit by bit, until they have no library forcing them to draw from an empty library, resulting in immediate loss. This is actually substantially easy to do, but quite hard to properly execute. Let’s take a look at why and the tools at our disposal.

Main mill cards:

Fraying Sanity - I love this card. I understand why it's not played in "competitive" lists, but it's so good that I can't not play it. In my playtesting, if it is played faithfully on turn 3, it ALWAYS results in a turn 5 kill.

Glimpse the Unthinkable - holy. Crap. Ten cards for 2 Mana?! Yaassss. Auto 4-of.

Archive Trap - really the only reason to play this isn't for the honest cast. It's for the combo off their fetches and my 4- Field of Ruin . Can end games the opponent thinks they have in the bag.

Mind Sculpt - here's where we really dedicate to being different. My deviations from traditional lists are why I call this a more dedicated deck; I'm not playing for the long game. I want your library and I want it now, and behind Glimpse, this does the next best impression.

Mind Funeral - randomization can be dangerous, but what's life without a little risk, right?

Traumatize - a 1-of because it's an instant combo kill with fraying Sanity. A dash and of spice, if you will.

Drown in the Loch - a newer addition. I definitely think this card has potential, between a (pretty much) unconditional counter or kill that is recastable with Mission Briefing. Feels pretty good, to be honest. I'll have to get some games in with it before a definitive decision.

Mr. Crabs:

Hedron Crab - holy CRAB. We all know this little crustacean does serious work, especially when we're playing Field of Ruin.

Turning Down The Music:

Inquisition of Kozilek - we need SOME ways to interact. Tearing troublesome things from their hand fits that criteria, and being able to flash it back with Briefing seems good.

Fatal Push - gotta deal with those creatures!

People I'd Like To Thank Tonight:

Visions of Beyond - draw one for one? Passable. Draw 3 for 1?! Absolutely!

Mission Briefing - because snapcaster mage is expensive, but you still need that reach. Bonus! You can flashback Archive Trap for 0 again if your opponent has searched at all before casting briefing.


Updates Add

Did some revamping. Got a few better lands, because we always try to invest in good real estate.

Also, some changes:

  • 3x Scheming Symmetry, to more faithfully force the trap combo

  • 2x Collective Brutality, because converting excess lands into free spells is DOPE.

  • 3x Thoughtsieze, in an attempt to be more proactive and interactive. Plus, Thoughtsieze is a hell of a card.

May your opponent's salty tears from decking nourish your withered soul.


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