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Azusa, Lost But Seeking Fun (EDH Primer)

Commander / EDH Control Midrange Mono-Green Ramp Stax Theme/Gimmick



She who controls mana, controls the game. Have lots fun in EDH by denying your opponents their resources and effectively locking down the game with sly Azusa's smile.

I started making this deck, because people said that mono-green decks are just good for ramping. I started with a goal of trying to make this deck half full of lands. Afterwards, I figured the best way to compliment all this mana and other utility effects is by working in a Stax-Control hybrid style deck.

Traditionally, Stax decks do not have big creatures or are slow in building up mana. We are here to do the opposite and surprise our opponents by controlling the mana on the field!

You may enjoy this deck if:

  1. You play against competitive decks with competitive players.

  2. You enjoy being the center of attention in every game.

  3. You thrive on toying with your opponents with your seemingly innocent deck.

  4. You like watching your opponents faces change as you slowly control the field.

  5. You are not opposed to Land Destruction strategies.

What makes this deck different from other Azusa decks? Instead of emphasizing on winning with a wide creature attack with Craterhoof Behemoth , I would use lands to attack opponents. I would use enchantments and non-activating artifacts to deny and slow down opponents. Opponents with Sol Ring and Aetherflux Reservoir , beware!

Ramp: As the deck is about half land, you don't need much ramp spells. However, these ramp cards are very important: Show

Draw: Card advantage with Land power. Amongst other cards, it makes your opponents think that you're doing a group hug sometimes, but not really: Show

Combos: No, not infinite combos, but small fun things to play with: Show

Let's keep some conversation going on anything Azusa, and if you like this deck, upvotes would be nice too.


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