UW based control decks have been a staple of magic for quite a while. The most current iteration gets to play with some truly power spells, mainly Sphinx's Revelation. The deck is designed solely to draw out the game and refill with Sphinx's Revelation. If this happens on a reasonably stable board it makes it extremely difficult for your opponent to win.


  • LANDS - The most important factors here are 26 and the Mutavaults. We want 26 lands because the deck no longer has Think Twice to accelerate through the library, so we need a little extra in order to hit all the lands we want. Mutavaults are basically here to tangle with other Mutavault.

  • 1 CMC - 2 Quicken lets you surprise some folks with a Supreme Verdict, end of turn Divination or just cycle early if we need it. Elixir of Immortality almost the real win-con of the deck, once we start cycling our spells back into the deck and Sphinx's Revelation again it's almost a lock.

  • 1X CMC - Syncopate is our go-to counter early in the game or for cheaply sniping a big tap out later, but it does get more awkward the longer the game goes.

  • 2 CMC - Azorius Charm while not always the best card at worst it cycles for a new one. Cyclonic Rift is something I'm testing, I like the idea of having just one more "get of of jail" card.

  • 3 CMC - Detention Sphere is just a nice catch-all for anything that gets past the counters. Banishing Light are Detention Sphere 3 and 4. Dissolve our new 1UU counter spell. Divination not the best spell, but in a world of Thoughtseize these are great.

  • 3X CMC - Sphinx's Revelation practically the reason to be playing UW. Stabilizes and creates tons of advantage.

  • 4 CMC - Jace, Architect of Thought comes down quick and gums up the ground. This forces aggro to dedicate a lot of resources to getting him off the board. And against other decks you get to start Fact or Fictioning. Which has a unique effect of being a draw a chosen card with some % of your opponent accidentally giving you an extra one. Also represents another win-con by taking their or finding ours. Supreme Verdict is how we stay alive against the quick aggro decks.

  • 6 CMC - Elspeth, Sun's Champion is our primary win condition.


  • Sideboards are always going to be quite ever changing, moreso for control. This week we're trying out the super aggressive post-board.


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I haven't been keeping up on the tournament reports as much lately, but the deck continues to function well. Every time I try something different I just end up missing how powerful my spells feel in UW.

#4 in tournament @ Atomic Empire — Dec. 20, 2013
#5 in tournament @ Atomic Empire — Oct. 19, 2013


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