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Azorious Soulherder except I have no money

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I found the card Soulherder in one of the precons and I thought, "You know this seems like it would be cool to build a deck based around this card". Except...theres one problem...im a 13 year old with no money. SO I built this, its very budget friendly and its a fun deck (at least in my opinion). Recommendations would be very helpful so dont be afraid to say anything in the comments.

Now how the deck works. Its pretty obvious what your going to be doing, blink cards for etb triggers and get Soulherder to be a big and scary creature then swing for the kill. But a big problem I face when I play this deck is against really fast decks, and small token decks, because one this deck takes a bit to really get going with Soulherder, and two Soulherder dosent have trample so they can just chump block and Soulherder deals no damage. A solution we have to this is Detention Sphere for token decks, and Deafening Silence to slow down our opponents, because once we have our machines going we dont need to cast many spells.


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I've slowly decided to move out of the deck being budget more and more. I feel like I've started to understand the MTG economy now and I've figured out how to get money for cards I need. So im slowly going to be adding more and more expensive cards, thank you all so much for 100 views!


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