Ayara EDH deck. Utilizes creatures that can be easily returned from graveyard for additional activations of Ayara's passive (blood ghast, gutterbones, gravecrawler), as well as creatures that bring tokens along with them (grave titan, abhorent overlord, Josu Vess, sengir autocrat) for multiple simultaneous activations. The deck can be used to kill opponents simultaneously little by little, or utilize tutors (demonic tutor, sadisi, Liliana Vess) to pull plague of vermin for the win. Sacrifice mechanics can be used to our advantage in this deck, and in combination with enchantments (dictate of erebos, grave pact) can be used to cut through tough enemy creatures regardless of hexproof, indestructible, etc. Plenty of mana generation (cabal ritual, dark ritual, cabal coffers, nykthos shrine of nyx, crypt ghast, magus of the coffers) means we can play our most powerful spells early on, and take full advantage of various X cost (exsanguinate, black sun's zenith,dark salvation) spells.


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