So the premise of this deck is to masquerade as a "Hug" deck. It does this by playing your standard hug deck cards like:
Otherworld Atlas , Temple Bell , Font of Mythos , Boldwyr Heavyweights

While most hug decks run green to run things like Tempting Wurm and mass ramp spells like New Frontiers I've opted to go with black instead of green for mass grave return like Pyrrhic Revival , Exhume and Twilight's Call .

Still pretty friendly and huggy right?
However, that's where it changes it up slightly. It runs some less "huggy" cards like Spiteful Visions , and Seizan, Perverter of Truth . Sure I'm going to give you some cards but these ones aren't exactly free.

"but wait!?! how do you win?" you may ask.

Well usually hug decks aren't built to win, just make others win harder....

This deck has a sort of wincon in Tempt with Vengeance / Alliance of Arms to lure the unsuspecting hug takers into taking a mass of creatures. Cause why not? Then BOOM! Massacre Wurm !


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So the deck plays as ridiculous as expected. Most people are down with getting hugged up on then wonder what the black is for. Oros, the Avenger doesn't scream hug so they're somewhat suprised when i start giving cards away with Master of the Feast and his various card giving friends, Then laugh in joy as Starke of Rath travels around the board like a bad case of herpes.

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