This deck focuses on Archangel Avacyn   and equipping her with some awesome equipment cards. There are also cards that provide protection (mostly from Avacyn and cards like Descend upon the Sinful) and exiling/returning cards to the battlefield for extra effects.

There are definitely some better equipment cards I can shove into this deck, such as all the "Sword of" cards, and insert creatures like Stoneforge Mystic in this deck but my wallet isn't bottomless so I'm trying to keep this deck < $500.

Apparently, if Avacyn leaves the battlefield then returns, she will transform back into Archangel Avacyn  , so I've provided cards that can flash her to and from the battlefield. Felidar Guardian and Eldrazi Displacer do as such.

Self-Sacrificing creatures are included to activate Avacyn's flip effect, and if she is equipped with Scythe of the Wretched/Basilisk Collar/any other card, she can kill every other creature and return them to my side of the field.

Any suggestions?


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