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Avacyn, Guardian Angel: The Dark Edition

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Avacyn: The Dark Edition

I'll admit, I was looking forward to this set but I did not have high expectations for it. Believe it or not though, The Dark has a few great staples for us, even by modern Commander standards.

~I'll post the video here when it's up.~

The big three that came with this set have to be Maze of Ith, Tormod's Crypt, and Dust to Dust. Tormod's Crypt is quintessential graveyard hate for any deck that doesn't have natural access to it. Even though white will eventually get decent graveyard hate, we're not at that point in time yet. I'm glad that what we do get is so incredibly powerful.

Dust to Dust is standard 2-for-1 removal. Being sorcery speed doesn't negate the power this card promises in a world where mana engines and swords are king.

Maze of Ith is probably one of the best known "Psuedo Lands" in the game. It's a free attack negation, and I've seen this card screw up combat math time and time again.

IN: Tormod's Crypt, Maze of Ith, Dust to Dust, Witch Hunter, Safe Haven, Knights of Thorn, Fellwar Stone, Preacher

Of course, with these new additions we have some cuts.

OUT: Glasses of Urza, Righteousness, Healing Salve, Moorish Calvary, Diamond Valley, Martyrs of Korlis, Obelisk of Undoing, Blessing

It's another strong update since we cut a lot of cards that either weren't living up to what we wanted or finally proved that there wasn't anything there to begin with (Healing Salve, I'm looking at you).

Next time, we're going to see Fallen Empires! ....I know literally nothing about the set.


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