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Avacyn, Guardian Angel: Fallen Empires Edition

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Fallen Empires Avacyn

We only added 5 new cards into this set, so it's only natural that we don't see a huge improvement in the deck's performance. As per usual though, we get to see other recent additions continue to perform well enough that I don't even question them being in the deck.

I only wish that we could get more threats soon. Interaction is nice and all, but I miss forcing people to react to my big and stompy creatures. Avacyn is certainly a much more defensive deck, but even control decks have finishers that will win them the game.

IN: Farrel's Mantle, Hand of Justice, Icatian Phalanx, Icatian Scout, Icatian Town

OUT: Al-abama's Carpet, Jandor's Saddlebag, Thunder Spirit, Northern Paladin, Wall of Spears

Ice Age will be the next installment.


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