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Avacyn, Guardian Angel: Alpha Edition

Commander / EDH Mono-White


This is the initially drafted list for my new Alpha series.


I have 27 commander decks irl, one for every color combination. I've always wanted to play and refine my commanders the way someone who's only ever had a single commander deck does. To that end, I also want to discover all the hidden gems that have been lost to time.

Right now, the deck is pretty terribad. Not just terrible. It's TERRIBAD. That's what you get for making a deck out of a set that only had 290 cards, 106 of which are actually legal for this deck (including cards that aren't on MTGO).

Avacyn, Guardian Angel is my ideal mono-white Commander for a few reasons. She has evasion and vigilance, but she also has a really cool "shield" ability. It lends itself to a certain amount of politicing, but it can be deceptively powerful in combat. With a little buffing, she can actually be a win condition on her own. She's also much easier to cast than her objectively more powerful version.

Right now, the Alpha draft looks to win through Voltron damage (with few supporting spells) as it's primary wincon. But that's mostly because everything else in the deck is so lackluster. Fortunately, even though we're leaning on our commander incredibly hard, we have some defensive auras to (hopefully) protect her from combat and removal.

There aren't nearly enough creatures at this point in time, or cards for that matter. Artifacts are a heavy force in this deck, and I expect it will be like this for the other 5 mono-color builds we make.

Despite the setbacks, there are still some Commander classics and staples to be found. Sol Ring is one of my favorite cards of all time. Swords to Plowshares, Wrath of God, and Disenchant are all cards I expect to stick around in our build for a long time.

That said, the deck's still terribad right now. Going forward we'll be eager to throw out Avacyn's old, tattered pants and bolster her forces so she's not carrying so much of the weight on her own shoulders.

When I get the series going, I'll put a link to the corresponding video here.


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