Any feedback is much appreciated for the deck, anyways so leave what you got. Here is an Aurellia angel tribal deck I’ve been working on with a bit of a reanimation sub theme going on with a few of the Angels and other cards in the deck.

My Sideboard is cards that I have that I am very tempted to test out or give another go in the deck, but I have been on the fence on them. Now onto the panels to show how the deck generally works and is piloted.

Generally we have a few Angels we would like to see more than others that will each offer different benefits to the small army we plan to build up.

First is Avacyn, Angel of Hope , really there is no surprise here since her ability to make all of our permanents indestructible can really cement our board state especially if we can get our Lightning Greaves on her.

Second is Gisela, Blade of Goldnight , she won’t provide as much protection as Avacyn but she does provide some with our creatures now only taking half damage and our opponents always taking double probably wrapping up any fights rather quickly.

Third and final is Lyra Dawnbringer , who provides a lord effect giving our angels +1/+1 as well as Lifelink so we can propel our life total up and keep us in the game longer.

So like all edh decks having tutors is a must so you can get to those pieces for winning the game. We have got Enlightened Tutor that will generally net us our Land Tax , Smothering Tithe , or any other pieces we need to make our plays work.

Next we have the the equipment tutors with Stoneforge Mystic , Stonehewer Giant , Steelshaper's Gift , and Open the Armory so we can get some equipments to arm our big angels as well as one of our card draw equips being Mask of Memory or Sword of Fire and Ice .

Lastly we have our 1 creature tutor with Recruiter of the Guard who can get us some of our lower CMC creatures that could serve some use on the board.

Since this is a fairly high cost deck we are running 4 board wipe cards to wipe the board before we really start going off. This is so we can guarantee we have a good foothold before overextending with too many angels. The ones we have are Austere Command , Wrath of God , Blasphemous Act , and Hour of Revelation .

Now every good Boros deck should normally run a Sunforger to use some of those instants stashed away in the deck. In our deck we run some protection pieces with Teferi's Protection and Boros Charm as well as some removal with Chaos Warp , Swords to Plowshares , and Return to Dust generally I can cast any instnt in the deck when it is needed as long as Sunforger is equipped and I leave a and mana up.

Last up we have the wheels of the deck so we can restock our hand and try to get some cards in the graveyard in the event we get one of our reanimation pieces. We have Memory Jar , Khorvath's Fury , and Reforge the Soul .


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I have a fair amount of Sun Titan targets in the deck and he is just a good creature card in general. I think if I were to slot him into the deck I would remove Platinum Angel since it dosen’t serve much of a purpose rather than be annoying and absorb removal since odds are it will get shot whenever I play it.


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