Not to stir up too much hate in my playgroup, and build an obvious infect deck around Atraxa, I decided to make it voltron. In fact, the only real criteria I had for this deck was to not include any wither or infect ( Black Sun's Zenith is the exception). Atraxa is a perfect candidate for voltron as she can both attack and defend thanks to vigilance.

The three things she lacks (imo) is First Strike, Indestructible and Hexproof. Trample is a third keyword that is nice to have, but not prioritized here. I can just keep attacking and defending with first strike. So almost every enchantment and equipment will provide that.

But with 26 enchantments in total (including enchantment creatures), it would be dumb not to utilize that; keyword CONSTELLATION is what I am looking for here: Agent of Erebos Eidolon of Blossoms Archon of Sun's Grace and further help from Kestia, the Cultivator both to boost Atraxa, but also enable card draw.

In addition, Helm of the Gods and Ethereal Armor are also utilizing that immense amount of enchantments.

Lifelink can give us not only longer life, but also counters and card advantage: Willowdusk, Essence Seer Archangel of Thune and Drogskol Reaver

Increased amount of counters also comes from proliferate on Atraxa herself and Flux Channeler , as well as from Loyal Guardian and utility lands such as Gavony Township . An additional source for coounters is the currently most questionable card Roalesk, Apex Hybrid .

Other than that, there are few deathtouch-lifelink critters to just keep everything in check until Atraxa can start doing her thing.

Whenever I have the money, Hunter's Insight should be switched for Rhystic Study .

Insta-kill combo: Colossification + Sovereigns of Lost Alara : Cast Sovereigns, attack with Atraxa to trigger Sovereigns, search and attach colossification to Atraxa, BOOM Insta commander kill.

NOTE: The following cards are staples in this deck and another Atraxa deck; they will be switched between the decks or run with proxies.

  • All lands
  • Atraxa
  • Loyal guardian
  • Archangel of Thune
  • Aura shards
  • Sol Ring
  • Wayfarer's bauble
  • farseek
  • rampant growth



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