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It's all the cool things about simic counters, just in 4c with better tutors, win cons and just more. It's just awesome.

Lands could use a touch up, but this ain't a turn 4 deck. It isn't intended as that, it's just a deck to play with friends and have fun, while also having a good gameplan and can go the distance.

Key parts:

Incubation Druid/ Vigean Graftmage Combo - it's infinite mana, it takes a turn so your opponents know it's coming.

Oko, Thief of Crowns - Turn their Avacyn into an elk! Turn their Platinum Angel into an elk! It's Oko, Bane of Formats! He's just awesome.

Wargate: Get that Doubling Season as soon as possible with this bad boy. Speaking of...

Doubling Season: It's a bad a card, you should just never use it. Try Basic Island instead. Better card.


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