Work In progress, trying to make Atla Palani, Nest Tender as competitive as possible so my friend can bring it to cedh events and pull stupids wins out of nowhere. We have budget constraints, about $20 a week, so we'll be upgrading slowly. Any tips are welcome!!

The Idea is to go for Atla with a +1/1 counter, and Mirror Entity . When ME hits the b-field, we can activate its ability for 0 an infinite amount of times, when the first ability resolves, all creatures (except Atla with a +1/1 counter) become 0/0 changelings (aka EGGS) and die, triggering Atla. We resolve the egg death triggers, get new creatures, resolve any ETB effects, then the cycle repeats. Eventually Academy Rector dies and we grab Impact Tremors to the battlefield, now all our ETBs deal damage. Resolve ME trigger after trigger until we kill Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre , shuffle everything back into our deck, and go until our opponents are Dead! Easy Right????

Most expensive cards are already owned, not looking to spend more than $40 on a single card atm, though this may change...

Cards I'd like to add: Stax pieces: we combo off by turn 5 consistently, but if we can slow our opponents I'll feel even more comfortable


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