I really loved the text of Alta and wanted to build a deck around her and an egg-hatching theme.

The gist is, get eggs on the field, and through various populate, token generation & untap spells, quickly multiply the egg count on the battlefield. Either mass sacrifice them to no-cost sac enchantments, toss them in front of attackers to chump, or kill them myself to things like devour and Scourge of the Ker, we can then hatch/cheat out big dragon bois

The deck is obviously massively reliant on Atla sticking to the board, which is the big drawback I think, but this deck is meant for just having fun, not competitive.

Some fun combos are Thornbite + Ashnod's Alter to pump every creature in your deck onto the board. Moving Skullclamp between eggs to immediately kill them and draw 2 cards for 1 mana equip cost Mirror Entity for 0 to kill anything you have on the battlefield while also turning them into eggs.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated, thank you!


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