This commander deck is designed for multiplayer games as it has lots of "each opponent/player" effects. The strategy is to constantly get out creatures and sacrifice some of them to trigger "when creature enters the battlefield/dies" effects. Besides Athreos, God of Passage, plenty of draw and return effects shall help not to run out of cards to play and to get a couple of triggers each round. "Drain/gain life" effects help to stay alive at the beginning of the game. In later stages of the game, a combination of those creatures with mass return spells like Rally the Ancestors can potentially deal a lot of damage to all opponents, especially if creatures like Cliffhaven Vampire or Teysa Karlov are involved. I think that the deck is not easy to shut down because widely used chain effects that e.g. prevent creatures from attacking do not stop it from doing what it is supposed to do. In some situations cards like Angel of Jubilation or counterspells can slow it down but the only way to really stop it is exiling creatures. This is not too easy because as long as there are cards like Viscera Seer on the battlefield, every creature can be sacrificed in response to an attempt to exile it. I have put my longlist in the Maybeboard. It is definitely not complete but I found it difficult already to choose around 60 nonland cards. Even though there are lots of great enchantments like e.g. Sanguine Bond, I did not choose any of them because there are creatures with similar effects that are easier to get back from graveyard after they died. Suggestions on how to make the deck as consistent as possible are appreciated, be free to comment and/or upvote, if you like the idea :) Thanks!


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