this is a fun, well budgeted, and possibly competitive Astral Drift deck. The main plan of this deck is to cycle to a Astral Drift, meaning its ok to not have Astral Drift in your starting hand. once you get Astral Drift your main value starts, getting you to where you can easily out value your opponent.. Etb effects like Blade Splicer, Genesis Chamber, Watcher for Tomorrow, or Soul Warden create heavy value, in giving you extra cards with the cycling, tokens or life. letting you get the necessary value to win the game. the sideboard coul use some help as i know the cards like Rest in Peace or Leyline of Sanctity are absolutely necessary for this type of deck, but the rest seems kinda iffy to me.


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After all this time I'm finally buying the deck which will let me test it out irl. but also in the meantime there are a couple different sideboard additions i thought of, including Vendilion Clique and Reflector Mage. for the sideboard.


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