Reassembled in Defense of the Realms, Heroes of the Multiverse vow to see their friends conquer the trials of ancient combat with mighty blades & ingenious seiðr (magic). Odin Borson, The All-Father, leads them into battle across the Planes with great prowess & cunning. They must prove their cause Just, less they fall and face the hugr (final spirit) judgment in Valhalla, and the remaking of the world.

Combos & Synergies:

Halvar, God of Battle   (Thor) brings the Thunder with righteous impact on the field. And his Cosmic Blade, bequeathed to his father in times of need, keeps the Immortal Æsir in Command.

Brago (Odin) + Deepglow Skate to ensure conditions for victory. Sword of Light and Shadow   as a contingency plan. = "I dub thee Protector of the Realm, Guardian of Walker pops!" ;P

Maze of Ith / Kor Haven + Silent Arbiter (similar with Sun Titan + Kami of False Hope ) = "Peace my brothers."

Brago / Inkmoth Nexus + Blackblade Reforged = "Send this creature back to the Abyss!"

Medomai the Ageless + Fireshrieker (or Knight-Captain of Eos + Teferi, Master of Time )= "Cultivating wisdom takes a stretch of Time." ;)

Brago + Serra the Benevolent = "Summon the Valkyrie!" OR Tezzeret the Seeker = "Open the Armory!"

Getting Umezawa's Jitte + Sword of Truth and Justice off back-to-back Stoneforge Mystic triggers = "Bring me a Challenge!"

Brago + Reality Acid / Act of Authority ( Sun Titan backup) = "Your permanents are but a memory on the tide." (Reset counters on Mystic Remora & delivery extra grief with Elspeth Conquers Death )

Proliferate to summon the Strength of the Gods: Tales tell of a lowly Flux Channeler rising through the ranks, dual-wielding Sword of Truth and Justice & Sword of Feast and Famine for vicious spellslinging & bestowing Karn's Bastion abundance. 80 (have popped JtMS in 1 cycle of Medomai)

The Long Game (better Walker post-Ults): Teferi, Master of Time + Deepglow Skate = "Welcome to the Eternal Realm." Tamiyo, the Moon Sage + Orim's Chant = "You have fought bravely, now rest."

"Whosoever holds this Hammer, if he be worthy, shall have the power of Thor!" 8)


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