Days past innumerable, and the roads run red with the blood of men. Friend strikes down friend, brother smites brother, swords clash as the unworthy strive for thy favor.

And when the last hath been felled, they shall prostrate themselves before thee and name thee Queen.

Card art - Throne of the High City

You are Royalty

A strong monarchy thrives on a concerted use of political trickery, ephemeral collusion, discerning favors, and good old fashioned brutality. Wielding great cunning and greater patience, royalty will carefully reward their friends and punish their adversaries, whittling their strength and teasing their resources into a position of greatest value or smallest threat to the crown.

You may have no true allies. You may have many spiteful enemies, scheming in the shadows to seize the grandeur befitting only of you. But you will not be denied your divine right to the throne. And when the time is right, you will turn their power against them and see them crumble, leaving you, the one true ruler, to erect a grim monolith of victory from their scoured, alabaster bones.

Long May She Reign

Welcome to my one true love, a political Mardu fun-house seeking to balance aikido with control. Though flavorful to hold the monarchy, the deck has been designed to thrive equally without it, as a neat volume of tutors and additional card draw help maintain a grip full of answers to any future woes. Build an honor guard of rattlesnakes in a fortress of pillows to encourage your adversaries to pursue less backbiting targets.

Let them fight over the crown while offering favors with Scheming Symmetry, Duelist's Heritage, Maze of Ith, and Eldrazi Displacer; and culling threats with a wide suite of removal to keep the heat off. Even seeing a foe grow to incomparable proportions serves advantage, as Disrupt Decorum, Rakdos Charm, and Delerium will turn their carefully cultivated resources against them and be their downfall.

Should anyone particularly inspire wrath, send in an unblockable Master of Cruelties for summary execution, or batter them into submission with Divinity of Pride and Grave Titan.

Eventually, when the time is ripe and enough blood has been spilled, sacrifice your loyal servants and cast Blasphemous Act + Repercussion or a large Debt to the Deathless to reign eternal over a kingdom of ashes.


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