Welcome to my Ascendancy Storm Primer.

The motviation behind this deck is simple: I love Jeskai Ascendancy and I always wanted a cEDH-viable deck with it. In the past, many attempts were made to build a competitive deck (e.g. by Cameron from the LabManiacs), but never could the deck really keep up. But I think that the new enchantments Whirlwind of Thought and Song of Creation (and Underworld Breach) help us to brew a fairly strong deck that might be able to compete with the Oracle-Consultation-Decks.

Why? Because one crucial problem with Jeskai Ascendancy was that we do not gain card advantage. We simply just loot, because we draw 1 card and discard 1, which bears the potential to whiff and stop the storm. This is why, normally, we had to cast many cantrips that let you draw a card (e. g. Ponder). But the new enchantments let us a draw a card for each (noncreature) spell. This means that both ecnhantments make Jeskai Ascendancy more consistent.

In cEDH this is probably always the most important question. Aren't there other decks that are simply better and therefore I should not play Jeskai Ascendancy? If I want to stick with Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder, shouldn't I play BluePod, Evolution or preferably play Tymna directly instead of Bruse to have access to Demonic Consultation and the powerful tutors?

I believe that Ascendancy Storm is a niche deck (just like Curios Control) and that's why it can be successful. This deck is obviously slower than Consultation-Decks, but that's why it benefits. In multiplayer, the opponents will pay attention to the fast combo decks, while we can build our engines and participate in the control-game at the same time.

Also, we play many strong enchantments. Of course these can be countered (still not the biggest threats to others and therefore not primary targets), but removal against enchantments is still very limited and rare. We benefit from this.

In summary, Ascendancy Storm is a "discreet" and midrange deck that benefits from not being in the spotlight during the game. But because of the storm focus and the other combos, it is also incredibly explosive and can win very effectively and consistently.

Value - This deck runs many value-engines. Even if we can not win with Jeskai Ascendancy, having it on the board is just an advantage. In general, each combo-piece is good on its own and therefore not a dead card outside the combo. And this is also true for all cards that support JAC. If you play Whirlwind of Thought or Rielle, the Everwise it is simply a very strong card that gives you a boost in the game. Playing JAC is no loss in value, synergy or coherence.

Seeing your Deck - Are you also frustrated when you don't draw the cards you want to draw? Or if you don't get the powerful cards you want to play right now? Well, then play this deck. This deck runs so many card-draw-engines making it more likely to draw your combo-pieces or just answers for your opponents. That's why it's also bearable to play less tutors (we don't have access to black and don't play Merchant Scroll or even Worldly Tutor, for example), because the constant drawing allows us to get these cards quickly. In my opinion, this is even the advantage over tutors (it doesn't mean that tutors are worse) because we can find multiple answers faster: we can find a combo-piece or a counterspell faster. The disadvantage is obviously that we do not draw or get specific cards.

Setup - The general Jeskai Ascendancy problem remains (but attenuated). To go off with Jeskai Ascendancy needs setup. You need creatures to untap and therefore you are vulnerable to cards like Pyroclasm or Fire Covenant. Then you need the right spells to draw cards continuously and your dorks must be able to produce the mana in the right colors. Jeskai Ascendancy also contains the probability to whiff even if the setup is nearly perfect. That's why JAC its own is on not strong enough and has to be supported by other cards and combos.

Pace - Jeskai Ascendancy is a -colored enchantment and needs some setup. It is in no way as fast as Oracle-Consultation. Sure, you might be able to win on turn 2 or 3 with it, but that's not likely. So you have to be prepared to build your setup at the beginning and control your opponents at the same time. Your early-game is therefore your largest hurdle. Even the cards that support JAC are usually not in the simplest color combinations (e.g. Whirlwind of Thought or Song of Creation ), so preparing the whole batch will not be that easy. Playing this deck is more or less like running a half marathon, no sprint.

Specific Weaknesses - Stax - Because JAC is a storm-combo and both Diamond-Breach and Thrasios-Scepter are using multiple casts to win, cards like Deafening Silence, Rule of Law or Arcane Laboratory will shut us down. - Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Thorn of Amethyst, Trinisphere will increase the probability to whiff. Storm will become nearly impossible.

Why Thrasios, Triton Hero and Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder?

I choose Thrasios over Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix, because on the one hand he gives us another combo and on the other hand Kydele only generates colorless mana which is why we need new pieces to convert it into colored mana - and that makes the setup even more fragile.

For the Thrasios-Combo we need Isochron Scepter+Dramatic Reversal and this synergizes incredible well with Jeskai Ascendancy. Therefore, we include cards that can be used for two different lines.

Furthermore, if we have mana, but no cantrips to trigger Ascendancy, we can activate Thrasios, Triton Hero to look for new spells and continue the storm.

Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder is preferred to Akiri, Line-Slinger. With the continual buff of Jeskai Ascendancy, Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder can actually be useful, giving one huge creature double strike. Furthermore, he himself can be quite an aggressive problem for our opponents. Attacking with a 3/3 double strike and lifelink is in cEDH a good threat.

Another possibility is to play either Golos, Tireless Pilgrim or Najeela, the Blade-Blossom as the commander instead of the partners.

This would not only give us access to black, but each commander synergizes with JAC. Golos, Tireless Pilgrim is, if you have enough mana, with his ability even very helpful in storming, because the casts will trigger Jeskai Ascendancy. Najeela, the Blade-Blossom could also work with her tokens in combination with Cryptolith Rite making them to mana-dorks. Additionally, we can play Life / Death turning our lands to JAC-enablers.

But I decided against this because I believe that Thrasios as part of a combo is more effective than commanders who support JAC more directly (and Najeela, the Blade-Blossom, who needs more pieces to be build around her as a combo).

The deck contains 3 combo's. The first one is the typical Jeskai-Ascendancy-Combo (even though it is by defintion no combo, it is here labelled as one).

The second is the Diamond-Breach-Combo. Because we already run Underworld Breach and Wheel of Fortune (as a value card and storm driver) I include Lion's Eye Diamond to get a another winning option.

The third combo is enabled by Thrasios, Triton Hero and Iscochron Scepter.

1) JAC

2) Diamond-Breach

3) Thrasios-Scepter

still testing...

current meta: CST, Kess Reanimator, Razacats, Opus Thief, Urza Stax, Kess Consultation

Thanks for reading this primer. I am pleased about any criticism and comment.


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