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This deck focuses on a very specific trick. You try to grab a lot of mana artifacts, such as Mistvein Borderpost and Everflowing Chalice, while spitting out a Thousand-Year Elixir. Then you throw a Kuldotha Forgemaster on the field, use his ability and sac all your mana artifacts to get Myr Battlesphere out. Do that yet again, only this time sac the sphere and two myrs to get a Sharuum the Hegemon out while returning the sphere to the game. By that time you are doing a minimum of 21 damage to your opponent with those two creatures. This damage can be increased by having a Grand Architect on the field which buffs Sharuum and can also be used to buff the sphere. Finally if they have blockers, you can use Tezzeret's -4 ability to finish them off with all the artifacts you'll have on the field.

If anyone has any suggestions or tips for the deck, they are all greatly appreciated. Also sideboard suggestions are very welcome.


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This deck is not Modern legal.

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