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This is my second pauper attempt. I wanted to try making a myr tribal deck, but there didn't really seem to be a robust enough selection. In the end, I had to branch out a bit, and mostly left the myr tribal idea behind.

The deck is now primarily artifact and , but also splashes into to make use of a few quick-play beasties like Auriok Sunchaser, and Court Homunculus. Win-con is pretty much just swinging with fairly powerful creatures at early-to-mid, so basically just an artifact zoo deck. Hypothetically, a few cards (namely Machinate, and Thoughtcast) try to create an early game card advantage, with a lot of quick-activating critters to make for a fast early game, hoping to be swinging on turn 2 and end the game before turn 6 or 7.

As always, any and all advice is appreciated!

Update 1: I've switched out a few smaller guys like Workshop Assistant and Screeching Silcaw for a bit of muscle, including two Razorfield Rhino and another Myr Enforcer. I also played with mana producers a bit, for a better spread.

Update 2: Following some sagely advice, I'm working towards more cost-reducing, rather than mana-producers. Gold Myr and its ilk have been shifted out for Etherium Sculptor, and a few Darksteel Citadel.

Update 3: Got rid of Razorfield Rhino for Pardic Wanderer, and got rid of Vedalken Engineer for more artifact creatures.


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