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Artif-akdos Aristocrats (Pauper)

Pauper Aristocrats BR (Rakdos)


This deck takes the traditional aristocrats theme of sacrifice and extends it to artifacts as well.

The main synergies in the deck are an artifact/creature sac outlet with Impact Tremors and Disciple of the Vault . The plethora of artifact creatures count for both Disciple and Tremors. Kuldotha Rebirth and Mogg War Marshal bring a wide token strategy while offering plenty of sac fodder to Carrion Feeder , Defiant Salvager and Bogardan Dragonheart . Atog Rounds out the sac outlets, and while I'd rather have two more Defiant Salvager , the latter isn't able to sac artifacts at instant speed (he'd probably be an uncommon if he did, sadly).

I've tried Ichor Wellspring for card advantage but I've been convinced to try Arcum's Astrolabe instead. I'm still a bit worried about the lack of basic lands (currently 5 mountain, 2 swamp), but I'll play with the Astrolabe simply because mana filtering in addition to the card draw sounds promising. The filtering also allows for a few sideboard options that might otherwise not exist in a Rakdos build.

I have Sparring Construct in the deck as a one CMC artifact creature that has a death trigger. I'm pretty sure this is the weakest card in the deck and I'd be willing to find a replacement card should one be suggested. It's not a bad card per se, but I think something better might fit, should I find that better card. I could add two more Perilous Myr but the draw of having the construct is that it's a one drop with death trigger as opposed to a two drop. I don't want too many two drops in the deck since most of those two drops are going to be quickly sacrificed.


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