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Army of One II [Raiyuu, Storm's Edge]

Commander / EDH* Aggro Equip Protection RW (Boros) Samurai Voltron



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Deciding to breakdown my Army of One deck since I have built a 4c deathtouch tribal that works essentially the same. Kelsien, the Plague draws a lot of hate due to his ability to remove while isn't aggressive enough normally to secure wins. As a voltron strategy, defeating 3 players thru commander dmg is hard already.

Raiyuu, Storm's Edge is looking to be an unapologetic equipment-centric voltron, fully embracing the cosplay of the Chad-tier anime swordsman who solo's the whole squad.

From creature removal to player removal. A true ❤️ story

Streets of New Capenna Changes

Added: Smuggler's Share / Master of Ceremonies / Professional Face-Breaker / Cataclysm / Swords to Plowshares

Removed: Wedding Ring / Keeper of the Accord / Scourglass / Bruenor Battlehammer / Buried Ruin


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