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Aretha Franklin doesnt even have this much soul

Modern* Infinite Combo Lifegain RGW (Naya) Weenie


Soul Sisters R/W/G

The Soul Sisters: Soul Warden , Soul's Attendant and their half elf sister Essence Warden, once these creatures stack things start getting rediculous and life gain through the roof!

The Attack: big O' kitty Ajani's Pridemate who gets ridiculously huge seeing every time you gain life he gets a counter! Archangel of Thune add counters on everyone, and has an infinite life combo with Spike Feeder, Another Big hitter is Serra Serra Ascendant

Control: Path to Exile I dont need to explain! Isochron Scepter can imprint Lightning Helix or Lightning Bolt or Boros Charm for the inevitable boardwipe attempts!


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