Prove your loyalty by marching under and trusting the might Castle Ardenvale. Like all of my decks (namely my The Dauntless Host Modern deck) it was designed so as to be capable of handling all manner of threats your opponents may throw at you - and thus contains all manner of tricks.

This deck is not a typical Knight Tribal and relies on combos which are cheap, easy to use, and quite effective in a pinch. Ancestral Blade comes out as a 2/2 yet the artifact itself can be reattached at any time, and Shining Armor is similarly effective. In fact, Shining Armor could have been an alternate name of this deck not because of the card itself, but rather because Ardenvale's Army perfectly blends strong defense with offense; and no cards so perfectly epitomize this as Archon of Absolution and Ardenvale Tactician . The Archons' passive ability forces your foes to balance between casting high mana-cost spells and attacking, which renders swarm-decks useless as they will be unable to overrun your army with sheer numbers. I cannot tell you how often these Archons have saved my skin, and that it can fly and has Protection from White limits any move to remove them. The Ardenvale Tactician's Adventure ability will also slow your foes down, to say nothing of its merits as a flying knight. Pacifism can take remove dire threats both early and late in the game, while your Fortifying Provisions and Ardenvale Paladin s makes for excellent attack and defense depending on the situation. Speaking of attack, Syr Alin, the Lion's Claw and three Angels from other parts of the Multiverse are solid front line fighters, with Light of the Legion Mentoring those who fight alongside her, such as Steadfast Sentry in addition to other previously mentioned creatures whose strong Toughness makes it more likely they will survive the fight and come out stronger. Beyond this, Charming Prince and Linden, the Steadfast Queen provide some Lifegain. Castle Ardenvale itself also provides reinforcements, and if a 1/1 is a lot for 4 mana then sometimes having an extra creature on the board to take a hit can make all the difference.


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