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Ardenn-Esior Caw Blade [Pauper EDH] "Contest Deck"

Pauper EDH* Pauper WU (Azorius)



My competitive submission for Podkomorka's Pauper EDH deckbuilding contest.

The idea behind this deck is to beef your commanders and project lethal damage. Turn (1) drop an equipment. Turn (2) cast Esior. Turn (3) Cast Ardenn, go to combat and hook up your equipment for free and swing with Esior. Turn (4) cast more EQ and enchantments, move them around and hook them up for free and keep swingin. Or if things don't work out there are 3 combos in the deck that you can use to hopefully win. I chose the commanders Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist and Esior, Wardwing Familiar as they work great together. Esior protects himself and Ardenn while Ardenn beefs himself, Esior or another random creature with all your in play auras or equipment. The cool thing about Ardenn's ability is that you use it to move prison auras around on your opponent's creatures as well. The only draw back is that you would only choose (one) of your auras to move around on their creatures if better targets come into play later in the game. The plus is that you can move all of your good beef auras and equipment to one of your creatures to make him a huge beat stick and swing for that all important commander damage. There is an infinite mana combo that uses Peregrine Drake and Mnemonic Wall with Ghostly Flicker. You then can use this mana to cast an infinitely replicated Stream of Thought and mill them to death. Or use the Ghostly Flicker with the drake and wall to again make infinite mana and flicker the wall and Sunscorched Desert to kill them one damage at a time. Lastly you can use Stonehorn Dignitary with the flicker and the wall every turn to keep them off a combat phase. This deck needs more graveyard recursion and cards like Remember the Fallen. I will continue to tweak, refine and get the deck tuned in for the juding. I'm concentrating on this one build rather than the option of 3 separate decks. I'm running low on time during the day but also wanted to participate and stay active within the pauper community.


-Flicker Wall and Trinket Mage to fish most of the equipment out of the deck or grab the artifact lands if you need them.

-Infinite mana combo.

-Infinite mill combo.

-Stonehorn combat phase lockdown combo.

-Stalactite-Bracers bonus. Plus adds vigilance to the the bird.

-Flicker other crits for ETB tutoring for enchantments.

-With Ardenn you are able to use enchantments like equipment.

-With Ardenn you can move your prison enchantments to any other legal target on the battlefield at the beginning of combat. (Sooo Nice!).

-Cho Mano's and Benevolent blessing and Neurok Stealthsuit act as pseudo counters as they can be cast or equipped at instant speed to protect crits.

-Flicker Wall plus Monarch permanents to re-gain Monarch continually.

-Flicker Wall plus Sunscorched Desert to do damage.

-Flicker Wall plus Pondering Mage to be able to continually sift the deck for pieces/parts.

-Use Transmute spells to tutor for needed items.

-Don't underestimate Gingerbrute!! He gets in there ;)


11-11-20: I removed all the counter magic that was in the deck. I needed more card draw over being able to counter. Most of what would be countered/killed/destroyed can be recurred from the yard using other spells as needed.

11-11-20: Added more card draw spells in place of the counters.

Thanks for stopping in!

NOTE: This is still kinda a rough draft. There are some changes that can be made. I'll mess with it more shortly.


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