- I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne: "Let my armies be the rocks" -

Indiana Josgir and the Raiders of the lost Arch of Orazca! Indiana Josgir and the Temple of Triumph! Indiana Josgir and the last Cru... Well, no. That one can't be done.

My first attempt at an Osgir deck. Focus on ramp, card advantage and giant Golems as finishers when commander's damage doesn't do. Fun over competition for sure, but not an "easy" deck by any means.Norn's Annex cause only the penitent man will pass. A leap of faith from the Masticore's head.

The first version of this deck, the one i started from:

- Alibou, Ancient Witness
- Ancient Den
- Ancient Stone Idol
- Angel of the Ruins
- Anointed Procession
- Arcane Signet
- Archaeomancer's Map
- Arid Mesa
- Axgard Armory
- Blightsteel Colossus
- Bronze Guardian
- Buried Ruin
- Clifftop Retreat
- Command Tower
- Coveted Jewel
- Cursed Mirror
- Darksteel Citadel
- Darksteel Forge
- Darksteel Mutation
- Deal Broker
- Deflecting Swat
- Digsite Engineer
- Dispeller's Capsule
- Duplicant
- Embercleave
- Enlightened Tutor
- Faithless Looting
- Feldon of the Third Path
- Fireshrieker
- Geier Reach Sanitarium
- Generous Gift
- Glory
- Goblin Engineer
- Goblin Welder
- Great Furnace
- Ichor Wellspring
- Idol of Oblivion
- Illusionist's Bracers
- Inventors' Fair
- Key to the City
- Lightning Greaves
- Lotus Bloom
- Mana Vault
- Mask of Memory
- Metalwork Colossus
- Mimic Vat
- Mind Stone
- Mirage Mirror
- Mishra's Bauble
- Mistveil Plains
- 8x Mountain
- Mox Tantalite
- Needleverge Pathway  
- Norn's Annex
- Osgir, the Reconstructor CMDR
- Path to Exile
- Phyrexian Dreadnought
- Phyrexian Triniform
- Pithing Needle
- 8x Plains
- Pull from Eternity
- Reckless Fireweaver
- Rugged Prairie
- Sacred Foundry
- Scourglass
- Shadowspear
- Slayers' Stronghold
- Smothering Tithe
- Sol Ring
- Solemn Simulacrum
- Sparkhunter Masticore
- Spectator Seating
- Staff of Nin
- Steel Hellkite
- Sunforger
- Swiftfoot Boots
- Talisman of Conviction
- Teferi's Protection
- Thousand-Year Elixir
- Treasure Keeper
- Triplicate Titan
- Urza's Bauble
- Voyager Staff
- Wasteland
- Wurmcoil Engine
- Zirda, the Dawnwaker
Removed 1x Buried Ruin and 1x Mountain for Urza's Saga and Rustvale Bridge, for obvious reasons. I'm not totally sold on the addition of one more tapland, that's why i'm not adding Power Depot too at this time.

Removed Mind Stone and Talisman of Conviction for Liquimetal Torque and Esper Sentinel. Transforming permanents in artifacts is a very interesting option, both offensively and defensively, and the Sentinel is just perfect card draw for this deck.
Archaeomancer's Map is going out too, making place for a Sol Talisman.
Update from the Forgotten Realms.
I'm trying to remove Pithing Needle and Voyager Staff for Immovable Rod and Robe of Stars. Both the Needle and the Staff have proven to be excellent cards for the deck, but i feel that the Robe and the Rod could be their direct improvements. Let's seee how it goes.
Oswald Fiddlebender and Treasure Vault are taking the spot of Digsite Engineer and a Mountain too.


Updates Add