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Combo: Axebane Guardian + Deadeye Navigator + Lightning Greaves/Swiftfoot Boots

Pair Deadeye with Axebane Tap Axebane for 3 or more mana if using Greaves, 4 or more if using Boots. Use two mana to flicker Axebane; pair with Deadeye again. Add haste-enabling equipment to Axebane and tap for more mana. Repeat.


Axebane Guardian + High Alert

Tap Axebane for 5 or more. Pay four to untap Axebane. Repeat.

Combo 1 draws your deck while netting you mana every time, allowing you to play Laboratory Maniac and win the game. However, if you need to produce infinite mana to use Blue Sun's Zenith to win, a removal spell needs to be used on Arcades to allow infinite mana to be created without decking yourself. Combo 1 is also done at sorcery speed because of the need for equipment, something important to keep in mind if your opponents try to interact with it.

Combo 2 allows you to make infinite mana without decking yourself and a instant speed, but it doesn't give any way for you win the game on its own. However, there are several ways to win with it, usually facilitated by Deadeye Navigator or Blue Sun's Zenith.

Basics only for costs sake (tried to keep it <$200), although Back to Basics would make this more fun lol

Added Colossification for the memes :)


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