...I can do better! ;) The goal is to take whatever opponents do, and throw it back at them thirty times as hard. Endless mutability, endless adaptability, endless fun... for us. Not for our opponents.

Copied this from my good friend (and partner-in-crime) Casey4321! Go check out his decks; he's an amazing deckbuilder in his own right.

This is pretty standard Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer shenanigans. I needed a more "battlecruiser" deck for lower-power metas, and that's the goal here. While it does do silly, scary things (have you ever swung with 20 Utvara Hellkites, and made 400 dragon tokens? I have)... it doesn't do them as fast or reliably as my "normal" decks do.

Having played 10 games last night with it, it's a BLAST and can definitely hold its own. However, it does need some more card draw and removal.

Infinite combos: Godo, Bandit Warlord + Helm of the Host; token copy of Combat Celebrant + Brudiclad; 4 token copies of Lightning Runner + Brudiclad. Mostly wins through standard combat damage, however.

If you like the deck, please leave a +1! :) Comments are also very much appreciated, as I'm working on tuning this.

...or the limitless hordes of Phyrexia will find you.


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