Why Anje Falkenrath?

Anje Falkenrath provides the ability to discard cards in return for a new draw, this synergises extremely well with the new Dragon's Approach allowing us to fetch our first dragon from the library at turn 5 most games.

Her second ability, the ability to untap when you discard a madness card, allows us to filter our library very efficiently, this in turn allows us to play fewer lands and less dragon's approach than we otherwise would.

On top of this she enables us to discard the dragons we draw, lending herself well to a reanimation theme

In short, Anje makes the dragons approach much better than any other commander!

You are mad!

You like filtering your deck

You like playing around with your graveyard

You like diverting from your playbook, when your draws gives you better options

you like worldgorger dragon ----- This list doesn't use it. GASP!

Ramping mana

Knowing how your turns are going to play out before it starts

Primarily playing in your own turn

Since we aren't using infinite comboes, this list isn't gonna make it in a competetive environment, it will serve you well if you play in a slightly softer environment, maybe with a regular group.

This particular list is without Sol Ring Mana Crypt and the other high powered ramp artifacts, the list would naturally be more powerful with them.

Any hand featuring less than 2 lands calls for a mulligan.

Any hand featuring less than 3 madness / dragons approach cards calls for a mulligan.

If a hand contains 2+ lands, a reanimation piece and a dragon, it is likely worth holding, regardless of other concerns. Anje's card filtering makes us quite tolerant, regarding poor hands, in so far as we believe we can acquire the mana to play her.

The playbook

Play land, pass turn
Play land, pass turn
Play land.
Play Anje.
Discard dragons approach with Anje, drawing a different card.

If you have no dragons approach, discard madness cards until you draw one.
Play land
Play Dragon's approach
Discard a dragon's approach with Anje to draw another card.

If you have no dragons approach or land cards, discard madness cards until you draw one.
Play land
Discard a Dragon's approach with Anje to draw another card.
Play Dragon's approach
exile the 4 dragon's approach in the graveyard and the one you just played to find Dragon Mage

If you have no dragons approach or land cards, discard madness cards until you draw one.

If this goes smoothly, you are entering turn 6, drawing into 6 cards, having a wheel effect on the table, which will help you dumping more Dragon's Approach and general dragons into your graveyard, it should also help you reanimation cards, made easier with the madness filtering with the occasional useful effect from the madness cards.

As the game progresses, we'll get more and more dragons into our graveyard, under the assumption that our opponents will be looking to murder them, aswell as our tendency to discard cards we cant cast.

Eventually we'll try to fire off either Living Death or Patriarch's Bidding , using the Bogardan Hellkite ETB trigger to shoot Anger if that gets put into play with living death, this should give us a decently sized flying armada of dragons, to finish off the remaining opponents.


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