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Anje - Worldgorger OTK

Commander / EDH* BR (Rakdos)



This deck is my updated version of the 2019 precon on a budget (depending on what you call budget).

The deck's main plan is to dump worldgorger dragon into your graveyard and using either animate dead, dance of the dead or necromancy to infintely loop. As soon as this is accomplished while having Anje Falkenrath on your field, you can draw through your entire deck, and then find either cut/ribbons or exsanguinate (other cards out there that do the same), and oneshot your opponents. As alternate wincondition you can use Glint-Horn Buccaneer and try to discard as many cards as possible.

I rapidly threw in all madness cards, which isn't the smartest thing to do, this will probably not be the eventual deck I'll go for, since I got myself Faithless Looting and other loot cards, as well as other cards. This is a prototype deck, deck idea, or whatever you want to call it. I will ofcourse try to get all the rakdos colored madness cards to build this, just to see how good it works in non-competitive environments.

And 39 lands, (I got mine from the precon)


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