The wolves can't be tamed. This is the tribe that got me into the game and I feel this is the fastest version of the deck that I've come up with so far.

Bringing the beatdown:

Lambholt Pacifist   is a huge player in making this deck fast and dangerous. Turn two it stops other aggro decks and turn three it's swinging for 4 (almost) every single time with the help of any one of our 3 lords.

Reckless Waif  er is an emotional pick. She could be swinging for 3 on turn 3 on her human side using our lords making her a huge threat. I have always had her in my one slot and Village Messenger   is going to have to take a back seat.

Madcap Skills. Turn two on Reckless Waif   swinging for 4 or 6 un-blockable. turn 3 enables Lambholt Pacifist   who will come in for 6 usually unblockable. This baby turns the clock.

Enabling our werewolves to push the action on their human side:

Mayor of Avabruck  is the nuts. Will always draw removal (rightfully so). If your opponent lets him flip then they deserve to lose.

Full Moon's Rise gives our pups a buff, trample, and wrath protection. What more can you ask for?

With Immerwolf out, there is no need to fear flipping back and forth. Also combo's nicely with Vildin-Pack Alpha.


Geier Reach Bandit  's haste makes her worth the 3 cmc. She usually comes in swinging for 4 hasty and leaves our opponent wondering what to use their removal on. The pacifist? the mayor? or this? Either way you win.

Kruin Outlaw   she is a little slow.If you can flip her you win, that simple. With all of the removal bait coming behind her it is much more likely she will stick,flip,and kill.

Support Spells:

Lightning Bolt kill spell, push the last bit of damage, best red spell in the game period and gets a slot in here.

Vines of Vastwood can be a sneak finisher. From experience, our wolves are vulnerable and there is no better protection available for an aggressive squad because of the ridiculous +4/4 kicker effect.

Moonmist good surprise defense, surprise offense, brings out the animal in our pups at instant speed. Nice spell.

**Any and all feed back is appreciated. Basically want to make it faster, faster, faster, more vicious.

Cheers and happy brewing.**

If you are a werewolf fanatic,and would like to help out with my mono-red build check it out here:

deck-large:the red wedding


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