Modified Avacyn deck.

Deck is credited to SomaCruz with the deck Misery is waiting at the gates of Armageddon

As this is a copy with slight alternations, I will never be cycling this deck.


  1. Conqueror's Flail- Does the same thing as abolisher but is slower and has 2 response triggers (cast, equip). Swapped for Shadowspear.
  2. Everflowing Chalice- Moved to maybeboard as it has potential, but Thought Vessel having the upside of giving us no max hand size for the same-ish cost is fine. Everflowing is just more mana card; monitoring of the switch will be needed.
  3. Mirage Mirror- Decent card, but we don't run artifacts that will absolutely bomb for 1 turn for the cost. Swapped for Jeweled Lotus. Works well with drawtifacts but i personally don't see a need; Lotus gets Av out faster to board wipe sooner.


  1. Shadowspear- Gives us the ability to avoid evasion for boardwipes. Decks that run indis like another Avy are problematic. Upside of tramp + lifegain are pretty sweet.
  2. Thought Vessel- Ramp, no max hand size.
  3. Jeweled Lotus- faster commander; that's all. Might not be a good choice vs potential card advantage, but we'll see how this swap works.

Shadow and Jeweled can also be fetched with Urza's saga; we always like more choices rather than less.

This one was a bit tougher as creatures were generally solid, but let's go through it:


  1. Emrakul, the Promised End- PHENOMINAL card, but as a "win" card, I had issues seeing it's use case unless you're in 1v1. Does not contribute to our strat of constant boardwiping as it's not indestructible nor does it offer anything in relation to wiping with/without Avacyn out.


  1. Blightsteel Colossus- Attempt at a game-ender. If we're board wiping, we want to kill someone immediately (assuming it can attack). wipe creatures -> swing to kill someone who could answer Blightsteel. Has built-in anti mill as well which can be good if we don't mill titans since it thins our deck for Blightsteel.
  2. Archivist of Oghma- Similar mentality to Smothering Tithe. Tax opponent, potentially fill our hand (and life) without drawing immediate attention. I had issues determining whether this or hard stax like Drannith Magistrate or Eidolon of Rhetoric (stops casting combos) was viable, but I settled for something that won't immediately make me the arch enemy. I also considered the value engine from all 3 and decided Oghma was better.

Like I said, the creature section was the most difficult to look into. I wanted to keep the spirit of board wipe support with a splash of card engine and utility. Eldrazi are phenomenal for generating value (Kozi) or spot clearing threats (ulamog) #FreeAeonsTorn... JK (not JK [JK]{not JK}])

This one will be quick:


  1. Fall of the Thran- Cut for it being a 6-drop. Will monitor the replacement to see if it'd be a better fit than Archivist of Oghma. More board wipes is better, so maybe it justifies the slot, but we'll see.

Only 1 change here:


  1. Ondu Inversion  - Felt like a mildly bad card. Planar Cleansing would have just been better as a tapped land doesn't contribute anything to the deck except when mana screwed, but if we're mana screwed I still don't see this helping out as we need to wait a turn to use it. This is just personal opinion as I rather pull my inner Yugi and pray the heart of the cards unscrews the situation (it wont). We have enough ramp bad hands shouldn't be taken in any case.

  2. Note: The original deck had 36 lands, not 37 as it was not entered correctly. You almost NEVER want to play this modal as a tap land.

Another quick section...


  1. Reprieve- Added to allow for some slight counter play and interactivity for the deck. We can also use this to bounce (most) Eldrazi casts back to our hand to cast again if needed. It cantrips as well which is really sick.

  2. this was swapped for Ondu Inversion   as a modal card that ETB's tapped as a land didn't seem like it was worth. Once again, more is better, so I'll keep an eye on if reprieve is useless or justified.

Some small cahnges, please change as needed:


  1. Myriad Landscape- Cut due to tempo reduction. Been doing a lot of research on this card, so I will see if the extra ramp is justified with the number of artifact ramp we run. ETB tapped, need to pay 2 mana to get 2 tapped snow lands. This is great in mono-colored, non-rampable decks, but we're running mostly artifacts so this seems like a trap card.
  2. Shrine of the Forsaken Gods- restricts us to only colorless cards and requires 7 lands before it's able to take effect. It's fine for an on-curve land, but I felt like it wasn't needed here; maybe I'm wrong.


  1. Strip Mine- (replaced Myriad) Kill lands that are problematic before we can board wipe. If we get it later, we can remove problematic lands like Command Tower or Rogue's Passage if needed. Speaking of...
  2. Rogue's Passage- (replaced Shrine) Added to give us face hits and kill with Blightsteel Colossus or allowing us to Worldslayer to wipe the board. Doesn't matter if we use Worldslayer + Rogue's with any indi creatures since OGmog keeps the board clear, NEWmog exiles libraries and isn't destroyed, Blightsteel kills in 1 hit and wipes the board after and Avacyn keeps everything we have alive. surprised this wasn't in the original deck, might be because of the lack of general land fetches and similar issues with fetching for WS.

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