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An Izzet deck WITHOUT Cyclonic Rift???

Commander / EDH Burn Casual Combo Storm UR (Izzet) Wizards


Overall, this is a fairly casual EDH deck. It started off as the prebuilt Mind deck in the Mind Vs. Might DDs, but my growing appetite for commander required a sacrifice so I tried to expand into blue. It started off using Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius, but I found the card worked better as support than an actual base for the deck. Finally, I switched to the newest Izzet Mizzet fairly recently, and it has much better synergy with the deck than the old one.

As a rule, I don't run any infinite combos, Curiosity, Thassa's Oracle, or Cyclonic Rift in this deck. I love the cards, but in a casual game it's plain painful to be on the opposing side of. Some fun limited combos I have include Battlefield Thaumaturge and Curse of the Swine for a 4 mana one-sided creature wipe. Elite Arcanist is best for exiling Pongify, Reality Shift, or Expansion / Explosion. The latter can protect me from counterspells in the first half and deal higher amounts of damage + draw with the second. Overflowing Insight with Niv-Mizzet out is great for some brute pinging, and doubling it up with Insult / Injury for a whopping 16 damage is a satisfying way to win the game. Reliquary Tower, Thought Vessel, and Nezahal, Primal Tide keep my hand big and my discarding low. Mind's Desire can be a fun finisher when exiling Temporal Fissure or Empty the Warrens for my storm shenanigans. I don't run a lot of counterspells, because although the utility is nice having a lot of spells countered is never fun. Casual mindset. All in all, I'm always replacing and optimizing cards in this deck, so maybe one day I'll make the switch to cEDH. If you have any suggestions, let me know!


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