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Help us...R&D under mental domination of alien brain in jar...only chance...Gleemax's blatant disregard for flavor text...send help!

Disclaimer: Apparently this deck isn't casual legal.

Mulligan until you get Erratic Explosion and don't have all four Gleemaxes in your opening hand. If you are playing against 2-4 opponents, use Kaboom! instead, and make sure you have at least the same number of Gleemaxes remaining in your deck as the number of opponents.

Play down a mountain every turn until turn three (or five), then cast Erratic Explosion, targeting your opponent. This will reveal Gleemax and deal 1,000,000 damage to the named opponent.


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I've been away from mtg for quite a long time and came back less than a week ago, and the good news is that this deck is way better with the new london mull! It's much easier to find Erratic Explosion and you can put the Gleemaxes in your hand back on the bottom of your library. Easy win.

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This deck is not Casual legal.

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