The deck itself can be a little complicated.

Patron of the Moon puts into play two lands from your hand tapped. And you can also sac a 3 CMC moonfolk to get him out as soon as turn 4. The deck tries to run on the abilities of moonfolk to bounce lands and then use patron to put them back into play. Amulet of Vigor allows us to untap these lands. Training Grounds also reduces the costs of the activated abilities of our moonfolk.

If you are not aware yet, almost all moonfolk have a powerful effect when you activate their abilities, but they come with the drawback of bouncing your lands back to your hand and paying mana. For example, one of the best cards in this deck is actually Soratami Cloudskater . If we have him out we can dig as much as we want using the cards above. How? well, let me demonstrate.

So the key enablers are the cards in the first section. You need the patron out to combo off, that is a must. The next requirement for this is to have out one of the following options:- Two Amulet of Vigor (untaps our islands twice allowing us to use most activated abilities infinitely)- An amulet and Training Grounds which allows us to play all our activated abilities for 1 mana- Extraplanar Lens and amulet (allows us to produce twice the mana)- lens and Oboro Breezecaller (untaps one of the lands to make the 2 mana to activate the ability and so on. Just needs one untapped land to start it)

All of the above pair with patron's ability. You will also need to make sure you have a moonfolk out to bounce your lands.

Now, what is our win con? Altar of the Brood triggers whenever we hit a land drop or anything for that matter. And since it says each opponent we get around hexproof.

Just bounce your lands and keep playing them and you can easily deck your opponent and there is nothing they can do about it since you play patron's ability at instant speed.

As a little note, instant speed means you can combo off if you have the pieces set up in response to say, a Nature's Claim

As for the other cards in the list, the CMC 3 moonfolk sac for the patron, the draw spells dig for your combo

As for the one weird draw spell, Visions of Beyond, it gives us a draw spell that refills our hand when we have one card in hand and we are digging with the Soratami Cloudskater You can run one to add another altar but i prefer this split because it better ensures i have the mana to cast the altar.

Anyways, if you have any questions do not be afraid to ask me i will answer them.

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