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Aminatou, Fate Is An Art

Commander / EDH Combo WUB (Esper)


Aminatou blink deck.

This is the only "Combo" deck I run, and its packed with plenty of combos for different effects. Most revolve around Aminatou, the Fateshifter and Felidar Guardian and other key pieces that capitalize from their interaction.

To keep things from being too tuned and broken I dont run any tutors ( Liliana Vess doesn't count right?), but that doesnt stop the deck from being able to find what it needs by utilizing infinite flickering of Baleful Strix and other draw card creatures. Aminatou's +1 ability is used for miracles and doubled up with other cards to keep filtering through the top cards of the deck for the best options. I know alot of versions of this deck take out Entreat the Angels , but honestly Ive won so many games with this card and endless recursion with Archaeomancer . Have fun!


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