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Aminatou, child of the jank

Commander / EDH* WUB (Esper)


This deck is designed to have janky, fun, and cool interactions with everything in the game. Libraries, graveyards, hands, permanents, spells are yours to play with as you watch your opponents will to live drain from their body's as you use their own strategies against them. The strategy of this deck is to adapt to your opponents and play with fire so to speak. Everybody in a game of commander has their own strategies and ways for their deck to win. Your job is to figure out who most likely has the best instant's, Sorcery spells, and creatures. Knowing these will put a clear focus on who you need to be targeting with these spells and when to cast them.

This deck is really good at punishing someone playing expensive and overpowered strategies in a casual commander game. This deck can actually suffer from people not playing powerful decks so be wary of that. This deck is my personal IRL deck and is made with cards I previously owned or traded. Their is 100% more expensive cards that would make this deck soar but the time and effort I have put in to make this deck as fun and hilarious as possible is a price in itself.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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