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Aminatou: Believe in the Heart of the Cards

Commander / EDH WUB (Esper)



Oath of Teferi + Aminatou, the Fateshifter + Felidar Guardian + Deepglow Skate + (Any Walker) = infinite walker ults (think of all the vamps Sorin can make :D)

Aminatou + Oath of Teferi + Felidar Guardian + Peregrine Drake = infinite mana

Aminatou/Restoration Angel + Felidar Guardian + Altar of the Brood = infinite Mill

Aminatou + Felidar + Oath of Teferi + any creature with an ETB effect = infite triggers of effect(X)

Aminatou + Felidar Guardian +Oath of Teferi = free loyalty/extra walker abilities

Manifest enabler + Aminatou = Cheap Permanents/Life gain

Brago King Eternal + Any creature with ETB FXs = Extra value

Pyxixis Pandemonium is great for cheating out huge creatures or getting rid of useless cards in your hand (when used with Aminatou's +1)

Aminatou's +1 is a great way to cheat out miracles (the following turn)

Flicker (Darksteel Mutation/Banishing Light/Grasp of Fate/Reflector Mage/Sedraxis Alchemist) for extra value

Use Pyxis of Pandemonium and Aminatou's +1 to cheat out expensive permanents and get rid of stale cards in your hand/on top of your library

Use Soothesaying on opponent's end step to hideaway any unneeded utility and bring forth sadness for your foes

Abuse your opponents with various flicker and ETB effects. Use infinite flickers to produce infinite mana with Peregrine drake, or bounce all permanents back to your opponent's hands with Sedraxis Alchemist and Reflector Mage, flicker Lavinia of the tenth to shutdown tokens, goblins, or other super aggro decks, attack with Brago, King Eternal to get extra value out of ETB effects, Use the Deepglow skate combo to abuse walker ults, Use manifest enablers (Mastery of the Unseen/Primordial Mist) to gain extra life and cheat out expensive creature, or just be absolute trash and mill everyone/yourself out with Altar of the Brood and Jace, Wielder of mysteries.


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